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During each business trip, you always look forward to be served by the best services with favorable conditions for accommodation, catering, transportation, communications, office equipment ... Come to Green House Hotel, you will be satisfied by the services we offer.
With the desire to build Green House Hotel is not only your cozy home but also your convenient office in Danang, we provide services including:
1.  Accommodation:
Green House Hotel with 34 rooms and apartments are fully equipped with facilities for the home and office will make you really feel like you are at your home. Professional staff, friendly team and good service will meet your expectations.
The hotel located right on the beautiful beach My Khe will give you some relaxing moments. You can enjoy the glorious sunrise on the beach in the early morning to start a new day or enjoy in the romantic and colouful sunset. Immersing in the blue water, playing with the waves and sunbathing on the white beaches will help you recover health and spirits for the next working day.
From 15/8/2017 - 31/3/2017
  Duration Type of room Price (VND)
1 1 week DELUXE 550 000 VND / per night
2 2 weeks DELUXE 500 000 VND/ per night
3 1 month DELUXE 13 500 000 VND / per month
4 More than 2 months DELUXE 12 000 000 VND / per month
From 1/4/2017 - 15/8/2017
  Duration Type of room Price (VND)
1 1 week DELUXE 700 000 VND/ per night
2 2 weeks DELUXE 600 000 VND/ per night
3 1 month DELUXE 16 500 000 VND / per month
4 More than 2 months DELUXE 15 000 000 VND / per month
  • Mineral water, tea,  coffee everyday
  • Buffet breakfast.
  • Housekeeping on request.
  • 10% VAT và 5% sevice charge.
2. Food & Dining:
Culinary culture is the passion of each traveler. With the abundant local foods and the skilful hands, Chef restaurant Green Field has created the Vietnamese dishes imbued the land soul. Natural flavor, the nutritional value balance and food safety are standards we aim to.
GREEN FIELD restaurant serves dishes of three regions. We have the set menu in order to customize you choose. You can be served in the restaurant and in the hotel room also.
Set menu includes more than 200 authentic Vietnamese with unique. You can enjoy the Ha Noi specialties as Chiken Noodle, Ball fish, Spring, Bun Thang;  Central dishes as My Quang, Cao Lau, Roll Pork, fish ball noodles…..or Southern specialities as claypots pook, snakehead sour soup,… and many VietNamese foods such as Salt-baked shrimp, chicken brewed salt, seafood sour soup ...
Distcount 5% announced price at the hotel
3. Transportation:
Come to the Green House Hotel, you can be assured of moving as your daily requests. We have a fleet of high quality and professional, enthusiastic, experienced driving team to serve you as much as possible. We are ready to serve you carefully during your trip.
Price: 12 000 VND/KM
4. Office Equipment:
We offer printing services, document binding, courier ... and the modern office equipment to help you complete your work as your expectation. Discount a part or entire the service value is the way we say thank you for your staying at the Green House Hotel.
5. Laundry
All guests work almost no time should the hotel laundry provides laundry services, your dress will be tuning cycle anytime, anywhere
Distcount 5%  announced  price at the hotel.
6. Cooking in the room:
If you choose an Apartment in our hotel, you can have cozy family dinner at there and invite your colleagues, your guests come to enjoy. Getting up early in the morning, go to the seafood markets around the hotel, you can choose the freshest foods and cook favorite dishes by yourseft. We provide cleaning services and pre-processing as required with reasonable prices, ensure safety to help you have the most pleasant meal.


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