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Food culture have never stopped exploring passion inside every traveler. With the abundant local produce, under the talented hands and passion, Chef at Green Field has entrust their sincerity in Vietnam, with bold love country, soul land. All the rich shades of the natural flavor, balance and standards safety food are we headed. At Green Field Restaurant, you can enjoy the special dishes of 3 regions according to local identities: the dishes bear the image of Hanoi as Grilled chopped fish, salad, spring rolls, chicken Pho, Thang noodel ; specialty dishes like Veal Cau Mong, ink 1 sun, rice paper and pork and Southern meat, sour catfis; orclients such as shrimp baked salt, chicken incubated salt , seafood soup ...

Some dishes: 

  1. Stuffed pancake
  2. Girdle-cake
  3. Steamed wheat flour cake
  4. Pancako
  5. Beef rice noodles
  6. Kebab rice noodles
  7. Fish cooked with sauce
  8. Pork-pie
  9. Grilled fish
  10. Sweet and sour fish broth
  11. Sweet gruel
  12. Chè đậu xanh : Sweet green bean gruel
  13. Raw fish and vegetables
  14. Soya noodles with chicken
  15. Rice noodle soup with beef
  16. Steamed sticky rice
  17. Beef dipped in boiling water

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