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Hotel Green House program will explore Danang on a bike for free.

Free bike at hotel in Da Nang

Danang has natural conditions, climate, terrain, plus life and rich culture of the local people make potential ...
Many families see job seas fish, self-service meals in the cord is the connection between humans and the sea. It is not simply delicious, but also a culinary culture with bold taste of sea life each person has been attached.
When I was traveling on a bike with a group of international tourists visiting the countryside to Da Nang, I never had a great feeling to it.
Free bike at hotel in Da Nang
If traveling by car or motorcycle, visitors can experience the beauty on the way stop at "equestrian look flower", but if traveling by bicycle, they can weave through the nooks and experience The most simple things. The coastal road stretches, the green trees, bridges, the distance is the majestic mountains - Ngu Hanh Son... will make tourists not chisel out the poetic scene, caught feelings seem as familiar but well-hidden in the chaos of the present life.
 The stop is anywhere. We can stop somewhere along the way, sometimes just to capture a dramatic moment. Sometimes a rest at a roadside shop, and enjoy the peaceful feeling of a free afternoon sea.
Cycling on the roads, visitors had the opportunity to enjoy the taste sprouts smell of the sea and witnessed the fishermen pull nets ....
The more you go, the more leisure, more and more I wonder: Why international tourists to Vietnam are "enjoying" the great things that, while the Vietnamese few people experienced this feeling. Apart from a small number of young sports enthusiasts bike is almost still very little known places, paradise right in Danang can visit interesting and unusual experience with the bike was very dear familiar ...

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